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Offes Investment Funding Ltd is a private equity investment company run by Henry Paulson and co-founded by John Mccain. It is a registered and based in USA with affiliate and advisory offices across the United States, Europe and Asia, With over $30 billion asset under management and we also manage funds and accounts for many of the world’s most respected accredited investors.

The company is a U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Registered Investment Adviser. Investors include government and private sector pension and retirement funds, charitable foundations, university endowments, insurance companies, family savings and sovereign wealth funds.

The firm is active in private equity investment, lending, specialty finance, real estate investment, and securities trading. The firm’s current investment portfolio includes more than 25 companies around the world with an average hold time of more than five years.

What We Do

Offes Investment Funding Ltd’s main key area of focus are to raise, structure and deploy funding for self-initiated/identified projects through a co-ordinated and managed turnkey solution (build operate and transfer “BOT”) process globally.

The company has been an acquirer of businesses over the past several years and now has investments in Financial Services, Healthcare, Consumer & Retail, Government Services, Manufacturing & Distribution, Technology & Telecommunications, Building Products, Energy & Natural Resources, Apparel, Paper, Packaging & Printing, Transportation, Commercial Services, Industrial & Automotive, Real Estate, Travel & Leisure, Infrastructure, Mining, Agriculture and Weaponry.


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