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Offes investment funding ltd, as an emerging group in the World, the group is dedicated to fulfilling the ever-changing needs of its customers/Clients and promoting the development and prosperity of the region as well as to help facilitate legitimate platforms for investment into other emerging markets in the world.


We seek to be a one stop professional solutions enabler on equity and corporate finance to the institutional investors and shareholders analysis and investment of private placement as well as listed corporations for clients. Severn Funding and Investment Limited purposely chose USA & UK as we view them as a gateway to Europe based on the following obvious factors European Liquidity is real and tangible Financial Markets – Flexibility, and stability and sustainability. Financial systems in USA – are uniquely poised for operations like us, regulated.

We are seeking any global project that is capable and makes sense. We do worldwide lending that includes most of the costs of processing your loan through funding. The lender charges no origination points. $USD5 Million to $USD50 Billion in funding.

Real estate capital can be structured as either debt or as a cash investment. A debt/mezzanine structure is expensive financing with yields in the low to high teen range, but it’s a cheap partner due to the no profit participation.

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